Ceramic works

I make ceramics and draw, creating figures and structures that evoke personal and shared 21st century paradoxes, the work is broadly figurative. I have had a portfolio career in art and design which spans working as a community artist, a freelance illustrator and more recently supporting my artistic practice by working as a web designer.
My Restart blog on A-N discusses some of the issues faced by any artist trying to establish a practice in the uk. My involvement in psychotherapy, Jungian analysis and men’s groups over many years has culminated in the creation of The Artists Space workshops and The Artists Time individual sessions.

Workshops and sessions for artists

The Artists Space is a one day workshop in which artists can take an overview of the state of their practice in terms of personal meaning and satisfaction and consider how they might progress. The Artists Time is a one hour consultation session on a similar basis with individuals. These short pieces of work could transform your art practice simply by helping you use the information you already have about yourself more effectively.